Normal QA programs are designed for static scans. Functional imaging places the MRI scanner under added stress, requiring a more detailed analysis to ensure temporal stability.

Over 40 Unique Metrics

  • Analyzes every image slice and time position to detect and quantify the subtleset of fluctuations
  • Uses specialized image processing and statistical analysis to glean important scanner information from ghosting regions.
  • Employs a proprietary tecnhique for detecting and quantifying problems in modern Multiband scanner protocols

Automated Tracking

  • Monitors each metric and instantly sends anomaly alerts
  • Compares longitudinal performance both within a magnet and against benchmarks for similar scanners
  • Detect problems before they become serious
  • Ensure a quality baseline for studies involving multiple scanners

Online Web Portal

  • Easy access to daily scanner reports
  • Dynamically generate graphs across varying time ranges
  • Set custom thresholds for exacting quality standards