Simply Physics helps you set up scans, run tests, submit paperwork, upkeep your magnet, and handle every other part of a complicated process.

ACR Regulations are tough

Daily analysis is a nuisance.

Either lacks depth or requires a dedicated on-site physicist.

Yearly testing takes time and expertise.

Most physicists don’t specialize in MRI and so are only capable of a cursory analysis.

ACR Certification guidelines are specific and difficult.

We have over 31 years of direct experience with ACR submissions.

Simply Physics provides easy solutions



We help you set up a 5-minute scan

Train Techs

Show them how to position the coil and phantom

Pre-program scanner protocols

Run the QA scan with the click of a button


You upload the results to our server.

One-click transfers

We set up your scanners to easily transfer your data

User Web Portal

Easy access to all your daily and monthly reports and track scanner statistics


We notify you of any problems

Instant Analysis

We will alert you within half an hour if we detect any issues

Longitudinal Tracking

We compare your system's performance to both global benchmarks and itself


The ACR makes it hard. We make it easy.


Modern magnets use complex coils with overlapping channels.

85% of sites are using coils with at least one dead channel without realizing it.

We carefully test each channel of each coil to ensure peak performance.

Magnet Homogeneity & Gradient Calibration

Most QA programs and manufacturer diagnostics only perform a cursory check of magnet homogeneity near the center of the scanner.

We perform detailed testing across an extremely broad Field of View and often catch problems that even the manufacturer service engineers miss.

Longitudinal Tracking & Documentation

Track over 40 different variables

Dynamically generate graphs for each statistic

Easily spot outliers or gradual magnet drift to catch problems before they affect clinical performance.



1/3 of all site fail their first attempt

Simply Physics has a success rate of >99% for over a thousand submissions.

In the unlikely event of failure we will pay the resubmission fee

Most medical physicists don’t specialize

With over 30 years of direct experience, we understand how to modify scan parameters to get the most out of your scanners.

Even the oldest of scanners can pass when given the proper care and configuration.

The ACR submission process is cumbersome

We do all the busywork. You simply acquire the images.

We will review them for ACR compliance and, if needed, let you know what changes need to be made, along with detailed descriptions.

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