MRI Accreditation Services

ACR MRI Accreditation
Having problems putting together your ACR submission? Acquiring the phantom images? We can help.

MRI Quality Control
The ACR states: "Sites involved in the accreditation program must develop a QC program that is consistent with the tests and frequencies that are listed in the ACR quality control manual by August 1, 2002." We have the experience you need to put it all in place.

Acceptance Testing
Before you sign off and accept your newly installed MRI scanner, you should have a qualified 3rd party come in and check out your system from top to bottom.

Why Conduct Yearly Performance Evaluation?
Here is an explanation for why it is necessary to conduct yearly performance evaluations; how it benefits both you and your patients.

Download Samples of Yearly Performance Reports
You can dowload samples for GE, Siemens, Philips, Hitachi and Toshiba

MRI Educational Products

All About MRI Physics Lecturer's CD-ROM
Now you can lecture with high quality 2D and 3D animations corresponding to all the diagrams in the textbook- a great help to professors and students alike.
>>Download Free Demo

All You really need to know about MRI Physics
One of the most popular textbooks for those looking for an introduction to MRI Physics. Great for technologists and Radiology residents, application speciallists and service engineers.

All About MRI Physics Test Questions
295 questions to test your understanding of the material covered in the textbook. Great for preparing for the MRI Registry exam or Radiology Boards. Answers included.

MRI Education Online - FREE!

Introduction to MRI - A Shockwave Movie:
View a colorful, animated introduction to the basic principles of MRI. Protons and vectors that spin and dephase in 3 dimensions. Real Cool!

MRI Basics-Text:
The complete text and figures from Chapter 2 of
All you really need to know About MRI Physics

A Guide to Cardiac MRI: Here are step by step instructions on how to obtain good quality Short Axis, 4 Chamber and 2 Chamber Long axis views of the heart.

MRI Safety Issues:

A collection of pictures and stories of things that haveflown into a magnet. Please send any and all pictures and/or stories you have!!

A collection of pictures and stories of patients that have been burned in magnets.


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